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About Us
eGovernance.ie is an innovative project to improve the manner in which information relating to State Boards is gathered, analysed and reported to citizens, the Department and the Government.

Initially focusing on the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment the service aims to provide a central repository of information pertaining to the structure and composition of state boards.
eGovernance.ie is a unique service to citizens and Board Members alike. Information is submitted by the State Boards directly to the website and processed through the system to produce real-time information and reporting. This enables us to produce more timely, relevant and above all, accurate information on Boards and their members.

The system provides information on the various aspects of Corporate Governance, from the actual structure of a board and its governing regulations, to the details of the members of the boards. Citizens can browse the various boards under the aegis of the Department and view details of the current boards members and their term details from serving on the board.

The eGovernance.ie Team is keen to continue to improve the services offered. Should you feel there are additional services that should/could be offered feel free to drop us a line at: eGovSupport@dccae.gov.ie.