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Data Protection
DCCAE is subject to the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003.
The Data Protection Acts set out the rights of individuals and also the responsibilities of those, including DCCAE, known as the Data Controller.
DCCAE holds data on all users who use this site where it is submitted with consent.

This data can be either personal data or non-personal data. Personal data for Data Protection purposes refers to data of a living individual.
This data can be held on computers or in manual files.
The person in DCCAE with responsibility for meeting our obligations under the Acts is called the Data Protection Liaison Officer.

The Data Protection Commissioner's Website offers an explanation of the rights and responsibilities under the Data Protection Acts http://www.dataprotection.ie and information is also available from the Data Protection Commissioner's Office at: Canal House, Station Road, Irish Life Centre, Portarlington, County Laois. LoCall: 1890 252 231
You can contact the Data Protection Commissioner's Office by email info@dataprotection.ie or by phone at 1890 252 231.

Making a Data Protection Access Request to DCCAE:
You can make a data protection access request in writing to the Web Master at the address shown below or by e-mailing webmaster@dccae.gov.ie.
Your request should be as specific as is possible to enable us to identify where the particular data is held. A response to your access request will issue to you as soon as is possible.
There are certain exemptions contained in the Data Protection Acts that restrict the right of access and allow for a refusal of a request. An appeal against a refusal can be made direct to the Data Protection Commissioner.

If you have any enquiries concerning Data Protection in DCCAE please contact us at 01 6782000, by email at webmaster@dccae.gov.ie or by writing to the Data Protection Liaison Officer DCCAE at the address below:

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